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We are still recruiting volunteers for studies on human behavior. We are interested in people from anywhere in the world. Link:

This recently released report is based on survey data from communication on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Two postdoctoral positions in computational social science are available with dual appointments at Northeastern and Harvard Universities, to work in the lab of David Lazer.  Candidates will be expected to work on a combination of their own research and collaborative proj

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Recent Publications

Journal Article
Publication date: 05/2020
Authors: Jason Radford, Kenny Joseph

Research at the intersection of machine learning and the social sciences has provided critical new...

Journal Article
Publication date: 12/2019
Authors: Briony Swire Thompson, David Lazer

The internet has become a popular resource to learn about health and to investigate one's own health...

Journal Article
Publication date: 01/2019
Authors: Nir Grinberg, Kenny Joseph, Lisa Friedland, Briony Swire Thompson, David Lazer

The spread of fake news on social media became a public concern in the United States after the 2016...

Publication date: 12/2018
Authors: Michael Neblo, Kevin Esterling, David Lazer

OPINION — At the end of the movie “The Candidate,” Robert Redford’s character wins a Senate seat, and then...

Peer Reviewed Computer Science Conference
Publication date: 11/2018
Authors: Ronald Robertson, Shan Jiang, Kenny Joseph, Lisa Friedland, David Lazer, Christo Wilson

There is a growing consensus that online platforms have a systematic influence on the democratic process. However, research beyond social media is...

Journal Article
Publication date: 08/2018
Authors: Ethan Bernstein , Jesse Shore, David Lazer

People influence each other when they interact to solve problems. Such social influence introduces...

Working Paper
Publication date: 07/2018
Authors: Philipp Hunziker, Julian Wucherpfennig, Aya Kachi, Nils-Christian Bormann

Very large spatio-temporal lattice data are becoming increasingly common across a variety of disciplines. However, estimating interdependence...

Journal Article
Publication date: 04/2018
Authors: William Hobbs, Margaret E. Roberts

Conventional wisdom assumes that increased censorship will strictly decrease access to information. We...